Flourish - Arts Award Welcome

Arts Award Welcome

Flourish is pleased to announce that we can now support young people working toward Arts Award. This is the national qualification that develops those aged 11-25 as artists and arts leaders. Read about Arts Award here.

'As a young person leaving care, I am currently studying for my Arts Award. My artwork gives me space to express my emotions, through using colour and finding things that inspire me.' Flourish artist, 2010

How can you do Arts Award?

Arts Award is included in many school and youth programmes, but don't feel limited by this. Arts Award is an open way of learning about art, including: whole year-group; extra-curricular programmes; one-to-one mentoring; holiday projects; work experience and internships; enrichment options; residential projects; artists in residence; partnership projects; short courses and weekly clubs and groups.

Arts Award Access Fund

There are small grants available to individuals or groups who need financial help while working towards Arts Award. Grants of £50-500 are available: www.artsaward.org.uk/accessfund

How Flourish can help you with your Arts Award

Exhibit in one of our shows

Flourish holds an annual submission for its exhibitions, please contact us for opportunities. Flourish artists learn from making a formal application; including their artist statement and documenting their work. They are included in a full-colour catalogue; receiving a copy of this toward their portfolio. They can contact the curator to discuss how they would like their work presented. They are invited to attend the private view and show, where they can meet other artists and see their work. The partnership gallery is in a central London location, with its own national collection, volunteering opportunities and art workshops. As opportunities arise, Flourish artists are asked to speak at events about their work, do interviews, install exhibitions (with support from professional artists and gallerists) and write for the catalogue.

Wider public

The Flourish exhibition is open to the public, with the chance to see the full show and read statements by the artists. The Flourish website includes an archive of all works exhibited so far, along with articles and the possibility of ordering past catalogues (for research). Flourish attends events and conferences as much as possible, taking its artwork into alternative venues and offering artists the chance to man stalls and talk to the public about the project.

About Flourish

Flourish exhibits the work of UK artists who are cared-for by someone other than their parent (including those looked-after, adopted, fostered, with special educational needs, youth offenders, another family member caring for them and care-leavers). The artists are aged 0-25 years, and the programme is open to any creative activity they are concerned with.

Flourish also reaches carers, teachers, keyworkers and policy-makers to promote arts practice as a viable career and adaptable skill. Working with the Foundling Museum has brought the work to the wider public with four exhibitions in their central London gallery. Flourish has a website to promote calls for submissions, show previous exhibitions and house films. This allows artists and their carers to familiarise themselves with how Flourish works and keep up-to-date with chances to see work and become involved.

Child Protection Policy

Flourish is in a phase of development, progressing to an independent arts organisation. It does not have a formal Child Protection Policy, but is addressing all of the responsibilities that Flourish should meet as part of this process. Flourish does not work directly with looked-after children, but exhibits their artwork and engages them in related activities whilst supported by their carers or support-workers. Artists apply by application form, with communication brokered by their carers or support-workers. Where Flourish exhibits at a venue that looked-after artists visit, the venue has its own Child Protection Policy in place.

To find out more, contact Flourish at info@flourish-art.org

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